The Obama Myth Will Not Survive the Debates

Last night's presidential debate between President Obama and challenger Mitt Romney was an astounding contrast with the past four years. Conservatives must finally feel validated, while non-conservatives can only be shocked. The supposedly great orator Obama was vastly outdone in both substance and delivery by a very articulate and well-prepared Romney. And while the next few days will certainly see both sides of the aisle parsing every word and "checking" all the facts, what must not be glossed over is that shock of defeat felt on the Left. That shock is due to the massive gap between perception and reality that has been created and maintained by the liberal media for decades, but more so than ever in the last four years as they've defended this abysmal presidency. The fraudulence of Obama's presidency is so great that only an analogy can bring us close to sufficiently expressing that fraud. In the movie The Gladiator, Roman Emperor Commodus abuses his power to rule over the people...(Read Full Post)