The Costs of National Friendship

In his 1810 book Aphorisms on Man, Manners, Principles and Things*, Joseph Barlett pens the following on friendship between nations. National friendship never existed. Interest is the basis of all their connections.  So long  as any nation's glory and resources are aided and advanced by another kingdom,  so long, and no longer, will they be in amity. This has been a guidepost for understanding other nations interests for centuries.  As long as the money is flowing, we are friends.  This is not to say "true" friends, but that is well understood.The country giving the aid is often reviled by the recipient at the population level.While the aid giving country is praised and revered at the national and diplomatic level, frequently the public citizen will say privately, "Those people are merely idiots with big money.They are dominating, insensitive, stealing from under us our beloved culture, and making us into them." In the past several years, the foreign...(Read Full Post)