The Chicago Way travels to Florida

Abandoning his duties as mayor of Chicago, carpetbagging Rahm Emanuel (D) zipped off to Florida for an extended weekend to do his real job--campaign for his BFF, his former boss and fellow Chicago resident, President Barack Obama (D).  Leaving behind the multiple problems he inherited from Chicago's former mayor, Richard M. Daley (also D!), such as high taxes but a budget deficit, increasing unemployment as  businesses flee, and the highest murder rate in the country despite (or because of) total gun control, Emanuel brought the Obama Democratic hopey-changey message to Florida. "We're here to give you guys support," Emanuel said. "(We) want to make sure we bring this home. There are big things at stake. We gotta go out there and tell everybody, there are big things at stake." In Florida, with its 29 electoral votes, surveys suggest the presidential race is neck and neck. Obama's campaign is trying to recapture the energy that turned the state blue in...(Read Full Post)