The billion dollar candidate

The Obama campaign raised  $181 million in September, bringing his total cash raised this election cycle to $950 million with one month to go. The one month record is $193 million the president raised in September of 2008. Politico: Though the campaign spent months discouraging talk that the Obama Victory Fund would raise $1 billion, the effort is close. By the end of August, Obama had raised $766 million and September's contributions bring that total to $947 million.  "Day in and day out, what gives the president confidence and inspiration is knowing that you have his back -- that matters. We're all going to do the best we can over next 31 days to honor that support," campaign manager Jim Messina wrote in an email to supporters. As Messina's message went out, Obama campaign announced the September numbers on Twitter, calling the total "[s]ome amazing news." In all, 1,825,813 people gave during the month, including 567,000 who had not previously contributed to...(Read Full Post)