Tanzanian Muslims Burn Churches and Call for Beheading of 14-Year-Old Boy

This sad story of Muslims behaving badly comes from the Tanzanian Citizen newspaper: two 14-year-old friends, one Muslim, one Christian, were walking home from school in a Dar es-Salaam suburb.  The Muslim boy told the Christian that anyone who desecrates the Koran will be turned into a snake.  The Christian didn't believe him and, to put it to the test, he urinated on his friend's Koran.  Adolescent hijinks -- kids being kids, you might think.  Dumb, but what can you do?  They're 14-year-old boys. The Muslim boy's father, however, didn't find the story amusing.  He was outraged, and the Christian boy was detained at the local police station. Five days later, after being stirred up in Friday prayers, a crowd of Muslim "youth" gathers in front of the police station, demanding that the boy be turned over to them "so that he would be punished accordingly" -- the appropriate punishment being decapitation.  The police refuse to release the boy, so the...(Read Full Post)