Something important is happening in Massachusetts

The Senate race between Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren is being shaped by the efforts of a blogger, Professor William Jacobson, of Legal Insurrection. This very high profile race reveals how important the internet has become to political discourse.  Once upon a time, only newspapers could launch inquiries and crusades that determined the fate of powerful politicians, but now a single, intelligent, skilled, and determined individual like Jacobson can take on the might of the liberal establishment in Massachusetts, arguably the state most dominated by the academic and machine Democrat factions of the left, and give them a serious fight. As most readers of AT know, Legal Insurrection has been pressing the inquiry into Elizabeth Warren's claims of Native American ancestry, which preceded her leap into the major leagues of American legal education.  More recently, Jacobson discovered that when she moved to Massachusetts to join the Harvard faculty, Warren never bothered to...(Read Full Post)