Signs accumulate that liberals are embarrassed by Obama

President Obama's poor debate performance may have shattered some illusions among his supporters in the liberal media elite. Having invested themselves in the illusion of him as the fulfillment of the liberal dream of shattering glass ceilings and pernicious racial stereotypes, his evident lack of preparation felt like a betrayal to some. They are starting to catch on that they bought into an illusion.  So they are turning on him. Witness the shocking empty chair cover on the New Yorker, edited by Obama  hagiographer David Remnick: The comments which follow savaging Obama  are worth reading, too. Perhaps, as Cliff Thier suggests, the cover "has brought a very downmarket element to the New Yorker's web site. Very uncouth comments. It's like a motorcycle gang has invaded a bucolic college campus." Then there is Bill Maher, who famously donated a million dollars to an Obama superPAC. During the debate he tweeted that Obama really does need a teleprompter, and on his...(Read Full Post)