Romney's Greatest Strength

In this election, what seems like Romney's greatest flaw is actually his greatest strength. Romney's inconsistent record is evidence that he is willing to be pragmatic for the sake of advancing his political career.  If you want to be charitable, perhaps you can convince yourself that his beliefs really do swerve back and forth so severely, but, it seems more probable that Romney is more attuned to politics than principle. But pragmatism (at least in the modern American political arena) has tighter boundaries than radicalism. Obama, on the hand, has demonstrated a ceaseless pursuit of the ideology of "fundamental transformation."  Maybe the Far Left is upset that he failed to close Guantanamo Bay and concealed his true position on gay marriage for a time, but, by any reasonable conservative or even moderate standards, his policies are far removed from what the average American desires for their country. "Principle over politics" is only a force for good if the principle is...(Read Full Post)