Romney trapped Obama in the Second Debate

Many in the punditry need to re-visit the section of the debate last night between Romney and Obama addressing the Libya question.  Too many are saying Romney flubbed it, his answer was flustered and a lost opportunity to strike back.  This was not my first impression watching the debate so I went back and watched it again.  After reviewing the footage I think many in the punditry missed what really happened. Obama finished his 2+ minute answer to the initial question with "You know that I mean what I say."  Romney then gave his 2+ minute response starting out saying many days passed before we knew if the Benghazi tragedy was a terror attack or resulted from a spontaneous demonstration.  He asserted that we KNOW it was a terror attack but took a long time before the American People were told that and it was either misleading or they didn't know and, if the latter, we have to ask why.  So far so good. Romney then continued that after 5 days, the Ambassador...(Read Full Post)