Romney Looking Good, But Don't Party Just Yet

I was pleasantly surprised while watching Romney's remarks at the Alfred E. Smith dinner. Was this the same Mitt Romney whose uptight, stuttering style during the Republican primaries made me wince? Clearly not. It's kind of like the awkward kid at high school transformed into the class president. This Romney was calm, confident, commanding, and... human, hardly a distant figure who has trouble connecting with people. He was equally at ease with taking a jab at himself as he was with cracking a joke at the president ("'s nice to finally relax and to wear what Ann and I wear around the house.") He dominated the night with a natural, amicable sense of triumph. Quite a contrast to the style of victory once projected by the "sort of a god" version of Obama with his Greek columns and ecstatic followers who supposed that he would henceforth cover their mortgage payments and gas bills. Romney has good reason to be confident. The polls are breaking in his favor all across the...(Read Full Post)