Razar's Rules for Czars

Here are a few rules to help our Congressmen and Czars do their job properly. Private Subsidies: 1. Never give a subsidy to any for-profit company. By subsidy, I mean money, cash, loans, loan guarantees, special tax concessions not available to people and businesses that don't make campaign contributions. Example: green energy 2. Did I say "for-profit"? The same rules should apply to not-for-profit organizations. Examples: ACORN, Planned Parenthood. 3. These rules do not preclude private entities from doing business with the Government on a contractual basis. Specific purchases and carefully monitored scientific research are example of allowable transactions. 4. Charities and religious institutions should get by on voluntary contributions. However they may use facilities that are generally available to the public on a nonpartisan basis like schools and parks. Specifically, religious symbols may be placed in areas open to similarly sized non-religious displays. Transparency: Every...(Read Full Post)