Presidential decisions - right and wrong

US Presidents make a lot of decisions, and, not surprisingly, a lot of mistakes. In this, it does not matter if you are a Republican or a Democrat. Being President of the US, therefore, is not like being a college football coach or a baseball pitcher:  No one expects you to have an unbeaten record or a  perfect game. However, a good president learns from his or her mistakes and the earlier errors and successes of other leaders. Democrat Harry Truman did not expect to be president. He came into office following the death of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He did not complain that  FDR left him an unfinished bloody world war. Instead, he tried to end the war as quickly as possible. His fateful decision to use atomic bombs on Japan made that possible. Harry Truman never ducked responsibility for that decision nor for the decision to begin a huge support plan for war-torn Europe known as the Marshall Plan, named for Truman's good friend, Secretary of State, Gen. George...(Read Full Post)