Playing the China Card

Republicans are being hammered by a series of Democrat commercials suggesting that Bain Capital, and Mitt Romney by association, were instrumental in outsourcing jobs to China.  At the same time, campaign commercials represent President Obama as the "made in America" candidate.  Indeed, Mr. Obama is cast as the savior of General Motors (GM) and thousands of American jobs.  These are just two of the stereotypes of the 2012 campaign to date, neither of which stands up to a fact-check. In spite of the Obama claims, the CEO of GM, when he speaks in China, is singing another tune.  Dan Akerson is fond of telling the Chinese that "GM is well established for the future of China."  He also brags about the eleven GM assembly plants in China, four GM power train plants in China, and plans to transfer most high-tech research to China.  Akerson also boasts that 70% of GM vehicles are made in China. Mr. Akerson's favorite partner is the Shanghai...(Read Full Post)