Once Again, You Might Be a Progressive Ideologue If...

There are lots of ways to figure out if someone is a progressive ideologue.  In fact, if you posit enough of those reasons in one place, they may get compiled as the inspiration for a YouTube video. But if you're still wondering as to whether your friend, relative, or neighbor is in fact a progressive ideologue...well, here are a few more indicators that might help you reach a conclusion. You might be a progressive ideologue if: 1. You find that common sense makes no sense at all. 2. You know that there is no such thing as unintended consequences from your actions or proposed solutions. 3. You are a master at projecting or "transferring" what could be your problem or attitude (but not really) on to others. 4. You find that people who don't agree with you are idiots or racists or mean-spirited...or mean-spirited racist idiots. 5. You do not include the word "grateful" in your vocabulary. 6. You consider your thinking based on emotion, and you express it through...(Read Full Post)