October Surprise

Can anyone not see through the desperate stratagem of the quadrennial October Surprise: the American institution where either political party makes a calculated last-minute touchdown surge (or knife thrust) deep into its opponent's soft white underbelly -- generally based upon some calumny cooked up and disseminated by the lapdog media and their termite minions? As far back as 1968, we have witnessed these strange and portentous calculated last-minute revelations. Can one recall LBJ and the aborted bombing of North Viet Nam and Henry Kissinger floating the olive branch of peace in 1972? Remember the conspiratorial indictments against Reagan for the delay of the Iranian hostages that conjured the media images of George Bush the Elder whisking off in a secret SR-71, or Lawrence Walsh's supposed politicized indictment of Cap Weinberger in 1992? What about 2000's last-minute release by the Gore camp of Dubya's drunk driving incidents? Can any of us forget the stories floated about...(Read Full Post)