Obama's weird wit

People are taking offense - as they should - at Barack Obama's insensitive remark that Mitt Romney suffers from third-stage Romnesia (his campaign term for Romney's supposed shifts in positions). Anyone who has experienced or cared for anyone who has experienced third-stage cancer would not find this funny at all. But such gross insensitivity is characteristic of Barack Obama's sense of humor. This is especially odd since Obama's own mother died from cancer. And it is especially disgraceful because Ann Romney is a cancer survivor. Early in his presidency he was asked on the Jay Leno show about his embarrassing bowling episode. He compared his bowling skills to those of someone who would be in the Special Olympics. Not only was it not funny and not empathetic it was also showing a typical lack of gratitude on his part. The endorsement of the Kennedy family (Caroline and Ted, primarily) was very important to his early presidential campaign and helped give him a boost over...(Read Full Post)