Obama's Problem: Reality Bites

President Barack Obama's popularity is disintegrating faster than his credibility. Less than a month ago his re-election seemed assured. Today the election looks like it has shifted dramatically in favor of Romney. Mitt Romney is not Obama's problem, but he is the beneficiary of Obama's problem. Romney's surge is derivative, emanating from the growing "anybody but Obama" crowd. Wes Pruden describes the reason: The overriding concern in this campaign is the consistent, driving incompetence of Barack Obama in everything he touches -- at home and abroad. Obama was elected as a dissenting vote against Bush and Republicans. He was aided by a magnificent marketing campaign which sold him as a messiah, at least in the political sense. But as Mr. Pruden's statement indicates, there is no magic left. Now Romney represents a dissenting vote to Obama and his policies. These comments are not meant to diminish Romney, but to express the harsh dynamics of most elections. Romney appears to be a...(Read Full Post)