Obama failed to break Romney's momentum in third debate

Each side will claim a win by its champion, but the important result of the third presidential debate is that Mitt Romney looked presidential, and Barack Obama failed to paint him as a dangerous warmonger. For his part, Romney notably did not prosecute the Benghazi issue. I suspect he figures that the coming two weeks will yield results information harming the president's cover-up. For the first half of the debate, President Obama frequently looked down while he was speaking, while Governor Romney looked straight at the moderator and President Obama. He looked confident, comfortable in his skin, and on the ball. He did not falter in the least. President Obama, on the other hand, betrayed his mood with eyes, which frequently looked worried, angry, sometimes sad, or even a hint of haunted. I think Romney won the visuals, and frankly that counts for as much as any specific points made suring the debate. Romney's momentum has not been checked by this debate. That is the takeaway.(Read Full Post)