Journalists as Professionals

Let us benevolently stipulate that journalism is a profession. Is there any other profession that requires such a low level of skill to enter? Journalists fancy themselves the equal of doctors, lawyers, and chief executives. This is evidenced by the multiplicity of journalism graduate schools and the importance that students, graduates, and faculty of those schools place on their ability to train future journalists. The implication is that one must go through the "rigor" of such programs to come out at the other end a certified professional journalist. The degree of difficulty of any profession should be measured by how challenging it would be for a dilettante to come in and do the job. Could the average journalist walk into a hospital and perform surgery? Could the average journalist walk into a courtroom and prosecute a case? Could the average journalist walk into a design studio and turn out a brand new car model? No, no, no. But it is not much of a stretch to think that most...(Read Full Post)