Is there a Republican landslide coming in November?

It would be an election night to remember for Republicans and conservatives if the Romney/Ryan presidential ticket wins in a landslide, but nothing short of shock and awe for Democrats and their liberal media allies based on the latest polls. Quick to sweep the historic Republican election landslide in 2010 and Scott Walker's big victory in Wisconsin's recall election under the rug, Democrats and the liberal media have been treating Obama's dismal record on the economy and foreign policy the same way they treated those elections - like they never happened. Since those elections, Democrats and the liberal media have been in total denial, enabled by skewed and biased polls to continue reporting with a straight face their foolish narrative that the Tea Party and conservatism are dead and that a majority of the American electorate wants four more years of Obama. Unfortunately for the Democrats and the liberal media, after November 6th there may not be enough room under the rug to hide the...(Read Full Post)