How to Counter Obama's Blame Bush Argument

Romney's debate performance was so fantastic that it's easy to overlook one more thing he can do to complete the rhetorical, analytical, factual, and forensic demolition of the  president's  position on the economy.  "We tried that before", Obama says again and again in reference to Romney's economic perspective, presumably because it's easy enough for him to understand and because he thinks whipping up enough Bush hate can generate a victory even if all else fails.  If Bush was so bad, why did Obama rehire Bush's Fed Chairman, Mr. Ben Bernanke? Look at Helicopter Benny these days!  Just a couple of weeks ago he chased more moribund  mortgage bonds with 45 billion in made-up dollars (sound familiar?) and said he'd no plans of stopping to boot. Yep, if you're not tightly linked to federal politicians or New York banks, you'd better be a federal politician yourself if you expect to make any money in this economy. Surely the genius knows what debt...(Read Full Post)