Government management by manual

Ms. Charlene Lamb from the State Department was identified before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee as the person most directly responsible for the rejection of multiple requests by the diplomatic mission in Libya for additional security personnel.  Quoting from the Committee transcript, Congressman Issa, Chairman of the Committee, during questioning said to Ms. Lamb, ISSA: "Now the problem I have is that the State Department is basically saying Mr. Nordstrom didn't do his job, he didn't make a formal request for justification, the Ambassador didn't do his job, he didn't do a good enough case, and that is what you are standing behind here today in addition to saying "Well, there were five people there, therefore." An embassy, a compound owned by us and serving like a consulate was in fact breached less than 60 days before, approximately 60 days before the murder of the ambassador in that facility.  Isn't that true?"   LAMB: "Sir, we had...(Read Full Post)