Get a bribe to graduate

Many government and private employers honor and respect military veterans with preferential treatment in securing a job. If several applicants have the required skills, experience and education, the nod goes to the vet. After all, the reasoning goes, vets have sacrificed some of the best years of their youth at low pay and poor working conditions, perhaps in dangerous combat situations, to protect the freedoms of our nation and they deserve our real thanks. The increasingly desperate 99% Democratic government of the city of Chicago is now twisting this reasonable program for military veterans to other veterans of a sort--graduates of the Chicago Public Schools. Yep, graduate from the increasingly violent city schools (to be fair, not a fault of the city's unfairly maligned public educators, who, on the whole, do a valiant job with a difficult population or even the fault of the city's justly maligned government) and somewhat voila! a city job might be yours. Under a new iniatiative...(Read Full Post)