Election Impact: Supreme Court Justice Nominations and Roe vs. Wade

One of the most important issues of this presidential election is that at least one Supreme Court justice -- and potentially three of them -- will be nominated and given a life term on the Supreme Court.  This has the potential to swing the court to either a conservative majority or a liberal socialist one.  Supreme Court nominees will impact the very fabric of America's way of life for decades to come, just as Roe vs. Wade has shaken the very foundation of America's core values for the last four decades. Kyle-Anne Shiver wrote an article for American Thinker prior to the last election titled "Obama's Culture of Death and the Catholic Vote."  President Obama's pro-choice record should frighten us all.  The Republican platform, on the other hand, has a well-documented pro-life record. Aside from the moral obligation of overturning Roe vs. Wade, consider for a moment the unrealized contributions of those lost souls who were aborted during the last forty years -- over...(Read Full Post)