Egyptian Sheikhdown?

A popular revolt overthrows a ruler whom we claimed as an ally for thirty years. The Egyptian regime of Hosni Mubarak was quickly brought down after President Barack Obama gave a green light to the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) in a speech he delivered in June, 2009, at Egypt's Al Azhar Mosque, a hotbed of MB activity. Mr. Obama made it clear that a new day was dawning in U.S.-Mideast relations. The U.S. under Barack Obama would smile on "democratic" reform of authoritarian governments like Mubarak's. And we would view it as a proper expression of democracy to install groups like MB that want to replace a slightly less severe version of Islam with the full rigors of shariah. In polls taken over that period of the Egyptian electorate, fully 84% of the people there said they agreed that anyone who changes his religion from Islam should be killed. So much for the winds of change in the Arab Spring. The MB promised not to field candidates for Egypt's new parliament. They reneged. They...(Read Full Post)