Does Obama want out?

I have always been convinced that Barack Obama was champing at the bit to win a second term in order to complete his "transformation" of America.   After last night watching his body language and inability to respond to Mitt Romney or make any cogent points defending his term in office, I began to wonder: does Barack Obama really want to be President for four more years? After all there is a purported $12 million house waiting for him in Hawaii, he will be wined and dined as well as feted as America's First Black President for the rest of his life.  Not to mention he has solidified a place in the nation's history books for that one reason alone.  Nothing is more important to Obama than celebrity and adulation as well as the attendant wealth that goes with it.  With the economic and international turmoil over the horizon, which would be blamed on him, the next four years will not be the same fun and games as the first four. Is Barack Obama such a determined...(Read Full Post)