DNC takes out $10 million loan while RNC has $83 million in bank

Talk about a mismatch. The RNC will be able to help out many marginal campaigns with that $83 million while Dems will have to pick and choose carefully which races they will invest in. Politico: The Democratic National Committee was unable to keep up with the Republican National Committee's fundraising again in September, despite taking out $10.5 million in loans. The DNC raised $20.3 million in September, including the loans, and only $3.7 million of its total fundraising came from individuals and political action committees. The rest came from transfers and offsetting operating expenditures. As of Sept. 30, the DNC reported having $4.6 million in the bank and $20.5 million in total debt - almost double the $11.8 million it owed at the end of August. The committee owes about $5.5 million of its total debt to creditors for services such as direct mail consulting, polling expenses and event consulting. The RNC by comparison announced it raised $48.4 million in September and...(Read Full Post)