Competing ads tell the tale of who is ahead

Ed Morrissey thinks that Obama's "Romnesia" insult is a sign of desperation by his campaign. I'm not sure of that, simply because this is the way Obama normally campaigns; ridicule, mockery, sarcasm etc. But this is surely a sign of desperation. The Obama campaign has released an ad in Ohio that claims Mitt Romney is "not one of us." A perfect follow-up to the last post insofar as both demonstrate betrayals, in different ways, of the Hopenchange brand circa 2008. Back then, Senator Above The Fray scolded people about small, divisive politics. Today, President Above The Fray runs ads on Big Bird and binders and openly describes his opponent as not "one of us." Had Romney pulled this on him, we'd need a special two-hour episode of "Hardball" to deal with the dog-whistle implications; as it is, Team Obama will skate on this even though Romney also famously belongs to a group that's fairly high up on the list of "others" for whom some people simply won't vote. [...] The punchline...(Read Full Post)