Biden's Church/State Schizophrenia

A fascinating question was posed to the candidates at the end of last night's vice presidential debate.  Paul Ryan and Joe Biden were asked to tell Americans the degree to which their faith informs their politics, particularly on the issue of abortion.  While Ryan gave the answer one would have expected, I was somewhat shocked to hear Vice President Biden's response. Biden began by acknowledging that he agrees with the Catholic Church's teaching that life begins at conception, but he clarified that he believes that only "personally."  Amazingly, on live national television, the vice president then went on to state that though he thinks infants in the womb are living human beings, he does not believe in using the force of law to protect them.  Notice that Biden is not saying the unborn are not human, and therefore it is okay to destroy them.  He is implicitly acknowledging his belief that those children are in fact human beings, and then giving tacit approval...(Read Full Post)