Biden hasn't changed a bit

I had the misfortune to meet Joe Biden in the mid-1980's.   There was the perfunctory handshake and exchange of the usual few words when politicians greet people they do not know personally.   There have been a few occasions over my lifetime in which I have met various individuals and was overcome with an immediate dislike and distrust.  Joe Biden was and is one of those people.   I cannot recall meeting anyone more disingenuous, smarmy, and phony. Over the years I have watched Joe in action in the Senate and in my neighboring state of Delaware.  He has more than lived up to that first impression.   His actions in the vice-presidential debate, while surprising to many, were what I expected.   Joe Biden in the debate was no different than he was in his days as Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee or the Foreign Affairs Committee.   His treatment of Clarence Thomas and Robert Bork was beneath contempt as Biden...(Read Full Post)