Bidding Adieu to Affirmative-Action Voting

With all the jaw-boning, chart-drawing, and poll-watching being foisted upon us by commentators and pundits here, there, and everywhere, there's one thing for certain: this time around, the election is focused more on "content of character" rather than "color of skin." The most satisfying thing about the first debate between Governor Romney and President Obama was that Romney himself turned the whole election on its ear. A Wall Street Journal editorial by Dorothy Rabinowitz (10/22/12) nailed this fact: "[T]he American people inevitably recognize the difference between lies and truth, illusion and the real thing. "The most telling example of this capacity -- the October surprise that shouldn't have been surprising -- came with the first presidential debate. The nation saw a superbly cogent Mitt Romney, speaking to them in terms instantly recognizable, words without artifice that addressed their real lives. Viewers saw the life in him, the play of mind, felt the sense of powerful will...(Read Full Post)