Benghazi coverage reveals we are all unprotected

There are four scandals stemming from the murders in Benghazi, and the mainstream media's reluctance to cover them reveals a threat to us all. Even as cables and emails continue to appear, most traditional media sources are downplaying or ignoring the Administration's failure to provide repeatedly requested and critically necessary security in Benghazi.  In the days before 9/11, there was a failure which left our ambassador and staff vulnerable. Yet most "journalists" aren't asking, "Why and who turned down these repeated requests especially before 9/11? How could the President never have been toldabout the activity level of al Qaeda in Libya that Ambassador Chris Stevens warned us about in cables to the Administrationwhich he told us about two months prior tothe attack that took his life? Might the security have been beefed up if PresidentObama had notavoided approximately 62% ofhis dailyintelligence briefings since the beginning of the year?" "Mum"...(Read Full Post)