Bayonets and Battleships: Random Thoughts

  Military expert Barack Obama certainly had a couple of zingers for Mitt Romney in the last debate. He certainly "schooled" Romney as he oh-so-smugly pointed out that our military doesn't use bayonets or horses anymore (even though, in point of fact, we most certainly do employ bayonets and horses). The current commander-in-chief also "brought Romney up-to-date" on the fact that we now have aircraft carriers and submarines, patronizingly describing submarines as "ships that go underwater". As it happens, submarines are nothing new to American warfare; we made use of a submarine in the American Revolution. But the Navy has always called them "boats", not "ships". Such a semantic distinction is perhaps no more important, nor more telling about the speaker's military expertise, than the difference between a "corpsman" and a "corpseman". And Yes, we certainly have aircraft carriers now. But our aircraft carriers are increasingly vulnerable to Red China's latest surface-to-surface...(Read Full Post)