A Rather Special World

Vice President Joe Biden's histrionics during his appearance with Paul Ryan was leftism in microcosm. Most grounded individuals are today wondering what would cause Biden to behave in such an un-statesmanlike fashion.  But is it really so surprising?  Think of your interactions with people on the left.  Think of all of the times you have had had eyes rolled at you, been called names, accused of racism, bullied, patronized and condescended to, and steamrolled by talktalktalk even in the face of irrefutable facts and the cold results of leftist social, foreign, and economic policy. The left today, led by President Obama, who is very "proud" of Biden's effort, think that Biden turned in a command performance because, no doubt, their ilk snickered at Ryan, laughed at him, mocked him, and talked over him along with Biden.  He was great because he was merely reflecting the attitude of the left. The late New Yorker critic Pauline Kael was often alleged to have said,...(Read Full Post)