A Mile South & Four Years Later....

On election night 2008 Grant Park was thronged with Obama supporters waiting to see their man emerge on the specially-built stage at the south end of huge lakefront park to bask in his historic victory. The planning process for such an event requires a long lead time. A couple of weeks ago Chicago blogger Kevin Dujan of HillBuzz noted that there seemed to be no such plans afoot this year according to his contacts in the Chicago Park District. Instead, Obama is planning to spend election night 2012 a mile to the south of his 2008 triumph. Rather than being in the open air with the impressive Chicago skyline as a backdrop and a sea of adoring souls at this feet Obama will be inside that brutish looking scar upon Chicago's lakefront known as McCormick Place. Is this significant? DuJan thinks it is.     Grant Park Looking north from where the 2008 stage was located. Despite being within sight of the Museum Campus and Soldier Field, McCormick Place is a fortress-like island...(Read Full Post)