A captive audience watching Biden's boorishness

Quite a few of my fellow passengers were watching the Great Delaware Boor last night as we cruised at 34,000 feet above the Great Plains on a non-stop from Newark to San Francisco.  Here are some totally unscientific observations from the fight. A very We were seated in the back of of the plane and when I stood up I could see all the little TV's on the seat backs all the way up to the first class curtain. It cost $7.95 to activate the TV for the non-stop flight, so there was a price to see the debates.  There were 57 TV's active when the debate started. 39 were watching the debate. After 15 minutes there were 27 watching the debate, and after 30 minutes only 16 were watching. At one hour,  only 11 were watching.  I overheard several women repeat the words condescending, rude,  and impolite in their conversations. If the Democrats  had planned to alienate "women," Biden's  demeanor was the perfect instrument.(Read Full Post)