A Benghazi inconsistency

The Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta has said that we didn't send in troops to help the American Ambassador because we didn't have enough intelligence on what was going on. This contradicts President Obama's comments that at the time of the attack he thought the attack was the result of a mob going out of control.  If the Ambassador was under attack by a mob the chances of an ambush or other major risks to US forces would have been very low. A mob does not plan but a terrorist group could have an ambush in place to attack any first responders. Only if the military, and hence the President, knew during the attack that they were potentially dealing with a coordinated attack by terrorist or paramilitary forces would they have been concerned about the level of intelligence available to them.  Additionally it seems clear that it was not the military that made the call to abandon Americans to terrorists.  The US military has often had to go into places with less than...(Read Full Post)