Why the New York Times forgets 9/11

It's a funny thing, but the New York Times and its faithful followers never seem to remember 9/11. A week ago, when  Al Qaida's black flag of Holy War was raised over the US Embassy in Cairo  on the eleventh anniversary of 9/11 -- and the American Ambassador to Libya was sexually assaulted and murdered in Benghazi -- the Times just couldn't figure out what had the AQs all upset. It had to be that 15-minute web movie against Islam. What have we done to them lately? Don't they love Obama anymore? It couldn't be that 9/11 thing again, could it? Obama fixed that, by single-handedly killing that guy, ummm whatisname. That was Boosh's War, and it's all over now. It couldn't be those Predator strikes Obama ordered last night in the White House, could it? Nope. No way. Obama has made peace in Iraq and Egypt and Libya and Afghanistan. It's the Arab Spring! We're outta there, baby. Once Israel surrenders to the Palis, it's peace and love forever. With Obama they finally know we want...(Read Full Post)