Why Republicans Ignored Afghanistan at the Convention

Yossi Gestetner
Many Democrats, including at the White House, are attacking the GOP for rarely mentioning the war in Afghanistan during the national convention. I didn't hear this from an insider but my best guess is the issue was ignored because it's a mess. We are losing soldiers at an alarming rate. And contrary to the Democrats, who seemed to have a messy Iraq as their only thing going for them against President Bush (with an Unemployment Rate at 5%), the pro-military Republicans have and look for other things to beat a President. Democrats will argue at their convention that our efforts in Afghanistan gave us OBL, but I am trying to figure out what 100,000 troops on the ground in Afghanistan, including 541 that were killed since last year early May, has anything to do with a small group of SEALs and CIA agents tracking down OBL in Pakistan.  Similarly, I never "got" how going into Iraq with largely regular troops and infantry forces, "distracted" a division of SELs and CIA operatives to...(Read Full Post)