Why Republicans Ignored Afghanistan at the Convention

Many Democrats, including at the White House, are attacking the GOP for rarely mentioning the war in Afghanistan during the national convention. I didn't hear this from an insider but my best guess is the issue was ignored because it's a mess. We are losing soldiers at an alarming rate. And contrary to the Democrats, who seemed to have a messy Iraq as their only thing going for them against President Bush (with an Unemployment Rate at 5%), the pro-military Republicans have and look for other things to beat a President. Democrats will argue at their convention that our efforts in Afghanistan gave us OBL, but I am trying to figure out what 100,000 troops on the ground in Afghanistan, including 541 that were killed since last year early May, has anything to do with a small group of SEALs and CIA agents tracking down OBL in Pakistan.  Similarly, I never "got" how going into Iraq with largely regular troops and infantry forces, "distracted" a division of SELs and CIA operatives to...(Read Full Post)