Who's 'dead'?

In only the past week we have been treated twice to predictions that a "gaffe" by Romney means that his campaign is dead. First was the purported outrage of Romney criticizing the Cairo embassy's full grovel over the First Amendment.  Then came the tape of comments at a fundraiser where the GOP candidate noted that 47% of the population pay no income taxes, and a similar number receive checks from the government, making it difficult for Romney to get their support. But like a movie monster that would not die (at least in the eyes of liberals), the Romney campaign is thriving. According to Gallup (via Andrew Malcolm), Obama's convention bounce has evaporated and the race is tied. The poll, of 1,096 registered voters in 12 key swing states, finds Obama and Mitt Romney virtually tied at 48% for the Democrat and 46% for Romney with less than seven weeks to go. Gallup's Daily Tracking of registered voters nationally finds the margin even closer with Obama at 47% and Romney at...(Read Full Post)