Who Stole God and Jerusalem from the Democratic National Platform?

There are those in the Democratic Party who believe that now that God and Jerusalem have been properly reinstated into the Democratic National Platform, all is right with the world -- I mean the election.  I am not so sure.  I guess, only time will tell. Right now what is of most concern to me is the burning question nobody seems to be asking, "Who stole God and Jerusalem from the Democratic National Platform in the first place?"  Turning myself into a combination  Inspector Clouseau and  Detective Columbo, I decided to form my own list of possible suspects: Could it be President Obama? I quickly ruled him out.  After all, everyone knows he was upset, perhaps outraged, by the change of wording in the Democratic Platform, and that he was the one behind getting God and Jerusalem back in. Could it be Democratic Convention Chairman Antonio Villaraigosa? Probably not. After all, despite being a man of power at the convention, he was the one who declared a...(Read Full Post)