Who Says New Ideas Always Are Better?

One mantra of BHO's acolytes and supplicants being used against the GOP is "no new ideas."  It is repeated by Axelrod, Emanuel, and others. This is intended to be a negative. But is it really? The following offers a somewhat different take from the Democratic Party line. Their basic assumption appears to be that "new idea" = better. That math is, of course, wrong. To wit, the Darwin Awards.  Or George Carlin's "new idea" re: integers.  It might be funny, but as an arithmetic, "new idea" it is a non-starter.  There are other examples. The "new ideas" faux-argument is a distraction that fails to refute any position. The posture of the Republicans at the RNC was articulated as principles. Principles form a foundation.  They provide stability and direction to action. There is a reason why the phrase is "guiding principle," not "guiding idea." Principles are proven by the test of time.  Successful principles endure. For one to profit, there is no "new idea."...(Read Full Post)