When Evil Collides With Itself

Sometimes in the fog of war things happen that you least expect. President Obama dithers on what to do about Syria and the civil war enveloping it, a new front is emerging, one that is threatening to pull in its neighbor Lebanon. Everyone's favorite terrorists, Al-Qaida recently published a harsh attack on Hezbollah, in which it calls on Shi'ites to  renounce the organization "if they do not wish to be the target of Al-Qaida attacks." From Haaretz: In a recording broadcasted on Al-Qaida websites, the commander of the Abdullah Azzam Shaheed Brigade in Syria, Majd al-Majd, stated that "the claim that of the Shiite leaders that Israel and the United States are responsible for the murder of Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Al-Hariri and for sparking the rebellion in Syria are baseless. The ones behind the murder were the leaders of Hezbollah, the keepers of the border with Israel." l-Majd tells the Lebanese Shi'ites that "sending your sons from Lebanon so that they fight on the side of...(Read Full Post)