What do Soros, Abu Dhabi and Barack Obama Have in Common?

Matt Damon, liberal actor and Obama supporter (a redundancy, I know), has landed funding for his latest movie venture: an attack on the phenomenally successful American effort to tap our vast natural gas and oil resources. The Washington Free Beacon reports: Matt Damon turned to oil-rich Middle East royalty to finance his film attacking domestically produced natural gas. The environmentalist screed, Promised Land, received a chunk of its funding from the United Arab Emirates, an oil kingdom known for its lavish spending on man-made islands and the world's tallest building, according to the Heritage Foundation. The creators of Promised Land have gone to absurd lengths to vilify oil and gas companies, as Scribe's Michael Sandoval noted Wednesday. Since recent events have demonstrated the relative environmental soundness of hydraulic fracturing - a technique for extracting oil and gas from shale formations - Promised Land's script has been altered to make doom-saying environmentalists...(Read Full Post)