Obama's 'smart diplomacy' now a bad joke

What a difference a day makes! Just 24 hours ago, the "informed" commentariat was telling us President Obama's foreign policy was going to be a big plus for him in the election.  In the wake of assaults on US diplomatic compounds in Cairo and Benghazi, and the State Department apology for our freedom of speech and basic values, Obama is starting to look a lot like Jimmy Carter twisting in the wind as Iranians held hostages in Tehran in 1979. All of this turmoil is the direct result of Obama's backing of Muslim Brotherhood backed forces overthrowing  Gaddafi in Libya and Mubarak in Egypt. Without American and NATO air power, Gaddafi would still be in power, a crazy to be sure, but a crazy who had given up his nuclear program, paid restitution to the victims of Pan Am 109, and who protected foreign diplomatic facilities. Ed Lasky writes: This horrendous sequence of events just fits the narrative of a weak and incompetent president. He does not attend intelligence briefings,...(Read Full Post)