Welcome to the Hornet's Nest, DNC

On September 26, 1780 British General Cornwallis entered Charlotte hoping to use what he saw to be an agreeable little village as a base for his campaign to pacify the Carolina back country. He left a couple of weeks later, declaring that Charlotte was "a damned hornet's nest of rebellion."   Charlotte seems to have been an equally unlucky place for Obama.  His union supporters were not happy to have the convention in a right to work state.  The convention committee was unable to finance the program originally planned for Monday, so the convention was shortened a day. This week's weather is likely to be rainy. There are stories they may have to bus in people from distant states to fill the outdoor stadium for Thursday's acceptance speech.  Perhaps most important, the odds are getting longer that Obama will be able to win North Carolina a second time.  Let me introduce you to a few locals who hope to make Obama and his friends feel even more...(Read Full Post)