The Obama You Don't Know

The Washington Examiner just published a ten-part series on "The Obama You Don't Know" focusing  on his career in Illinois in ways that the mainstream media never did in 2008 or afterwards. A brief summary of the series can give readers a flavor; further reading can give them insights into the whys and wherefores of Barack Obama's style of Cook County politics and how he has brought that sordid type of politics to the rest of America. I found the section on pensions interesting since State Representative Obama was able to pressure state groups to funnel pension money to big donors (such as major Obama bundler John Rogers, Jr. -- who, after racking up very poor returns for years was eventually fired -- and America wonders why Illinois and its pensioners are in a major-league fiscal mess).  I wrote about this invisible scandal back in May, 2008 in "More Chicago Way Politics from Obama"). Valeria Jarrett and other assorted landlords in poor neighborhoods will not enjoy the...(Read Full Post)