The Media 'Poll' Dance

When you can't run on your failed record, the economy is heading straight over a cliff and the Middle-East is on fire, there's nothing left to do but try and discourage your opponents' voter base. And one way the Obama media is trying to discourage Romney voters is to barrage the public with skewed polling data on a daily basis showing Obama ahead nationally and across swing states. But pollsters like conservative Dick Morris and Democrats Pat Caddell and Doug Schoen are adamant that the presidential race between Obama and Romney is actually close enough to be within the margin of error when polling is done without bias in the sampling models. Interestingly, when polling is done with models that match more closely today's electorate, Romney is either ahead of Obama or well within the margin of error.  So don't get discouraged and when you see those skewed polls being touted by the media as evidence that it's over for Romney, just picture your favorite liberal media hack doing...(Read Full Post)