Swinging the Swing States

Romney and Ryan are attracting large crowds. So did Sarah Palin. Large crowds are fantastic, but do not an election win. Conservative rags are full of hype in their favor. Liberal rags are full of hype in their favor. Hype does not an election win. There's much bravado in the air on many conservative sites. Much talk of how this is a done deal. How we will win in a landslide. All of this flies in the face of numerous polls and demographic analyses. And while they may be wrong, they may also be right. Either way, we cannot afford to celebrate prematurely. And a lot will happen between now and Election Day that will continue to impact how this race is ultimately decided. But for all we do not know, there is one thing we do know: the election will be decided in swing states. If you live in a swing state you have the good fortune to be able to fulfill a number of important tasks on behalf of the campaign. If you don't live in a swing state, you can still donate, make calls from home, and...(Read Full Post)