State Department still playing patty-cakes with Pakistan over terrorism

As Bill Roggio and Lisa Lundquist point out at the Long War Journal, Foggy Bottom is schizophrenic about Pakistan's role in sponsoring terrorism. Specifically, a report given by two anonymous department officials refuses to finger the ISI - Pakistan's intelligence agency -- in giving aid to the Haqqani network: OPERATOR: Okay. Our next question comes from Adam Entous, Wall Street Journal. Please go ahead. QUESTION: Yeah, thank you very much. I just wanted to follow up on Justin's question. When you say that this is targeting the Haqqani Network, period, I don't really understand how we can say that after what Admiral Mullen said a year ago about the Haqqanis being a veritable arm of the ISI. I mean, why isn't this a step towards looking at Pakistan as a state sponsor of terrorism at this point? SENIOR ADMINISTRATION OFFICIAL ONE: I want to just unequivocally state that this in no way is the consensus, unanimous view of this Administration; that we are making absolutely no...(Read Full Post)